About Us

Published on Monday, 30 December 2013 Written by Madhusudhan


We cherish to change our society through sustainable community development, based on Social, Gender equality, Economic and Political neutrality.


Our mission is to organize the targeted groups-women, children, youths and marginalized communities against Caste/Gender in-equality, other social evils and help them to improve their health and economical status. We encourage to make them to be self reliant so that they have a proper participation in the decision-making bodies of the society and are able to enjoy their rights.


To promote economic, social, political and environmental development through right-based, participatory and democratic process to eliminate social evils, illiteracy, ignorance, ill health, undemocratic norms, immorality, discriminatory practices, environmental degradation and usages.

Organizational Structure :

 Radio Amurta 91.6 Mhz has been operating its programme with the policy and strategic decision making guidance of its Executive Board which comprises six members. The programme planning and implementation functions are carried out by the team of professional staff members headed by Managing Director.